Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Let it Happen !

I am so sorry, I really don't have time these days to blog.But mainly, I am not able to hear about new books and to read what my dear bloggers write.But I can't help it as I am and will be busy in my sister's wedding preparations for a few days.Its so much of work...I am totally excited !!! Soon my sister is getting married.Will definitely post about it when I get ample of time the next time I blog.But for now, I have managed to get my computer for sometime and I am totally going to make use of it.

Heres something which I had written when I was 14.I don't even remember what My inspiration was, but I am damn sure, I must have read some of the ''Mira Magazines' which I used to get when I was in school ! As I don't have anything to post now, I will post the essay which I had written long back :) Here it goes.....

We human beings sometimes tend to do things the hard way! There have been times in my life and I am sure there have been in yours, when I tried and tried to work something out. Concerned because I could not see the answer, I became tense and impatient. Then there came a time when I said to myself “Worrying does not help. Whatever happens happens!”
And, almost miraculously, incredibly, things started falling in place and working out in a smooth and harmonious way. What happened is that, I applied the principle of “let it Happen.”

We feel that we are supposed to make things happen, so we flail away at each of the separate circumstances and conditions that come up in our life. But there is an easy way to meet each problem, circumstance, or experience. The way is to let it Happen.

In many books, articles, and lessons we read the phrase “Let go and let god.” There is another way of saying,”let it happen.”

Think of all people who are actually making themselves sick and unhappy, because they are trying to force a solution to a problem by pushing , worrying , crying , getting upset. There are parents worried over their children; there are men and women unhappy and lonely because they feel their happiness depends on a certain women or a man. There are people concerned about the symptoms of ill-health, about getting old, about money, about business, about the state of the world, about men from mars or whatever….you name the most  fantastic thing you can think about, and I’ll bet there is someone who is making himself unhappy and miserable worrying about it !

By letting it happen or letting it flow, I do not mean that you do nothing. Sometimes it may seem the most difficult thing you have to do is to relax, to let go, to get yourself out of the way, but until you do, you are not able to act as effectively as you should. So when u let it happen, you find that all kinds of ideas come to you to act upon. And not only ideas but also the strength and wisdom to carry them out.

Now how do you relate all this to whatever it is that you are worrying and upset about? Whether you are worrying about the child, a love affair, a business deal, a sickness Symptom, selling a house, or whatever, just make up your mind that you are going to get yourself out of the way !! You will definitely find that all the things are going smoothly, beautifully, with satisfaction beyond your expectations.

So remember, relax. The words relax and release have a common root meaning. To
relax is to release negative emotions , attitudes.
You were not created to live by the sweat of your brow. You were created in likeness, with responsibilities, yes, but also with the power and resources to handle all things easily, effortlessly, and successfully.

Let it happen! Let go and let god.


Blogger What was done said...

Getting old is only in our mind.
Age never prevented people from doing things:

December 1, 2009 at 11:17 AM  

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