Friday, November 6, 2009

Review : Memoirs of a Fortune Teller by Gary Tureotte

Title : Memoirs of a Fortune Teller

Author: Gary Tureotte
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

About the book:

Mary Ann was a travelling fortune teller.She knew everyone's future, but her own.She left this journal with many disturbing readings.

My Review

“Memoirs of a fortune teller” tells you about the life of a fortune teller named Mary Ann from her point of view. Mary Ann is been gifted by her mother with a rare and a special gift of telling the fortunes of other people, but her own by just having contact with their skin or by having contact with the person’s belongings. Mary Ann takes it as a blessing and travels around the country working as a carnival fortune teller.

But as and how she reads, predicts the person’s past, present and the future, somehow the fortune of some people gets tied together to her own fortune. Trapped in this tangled web, she now finds her own life in danger. She leaves behind a journal in which all these things which she has read, predicted and experienced are being penned down.

Most of the readings by Mary Ann were really very disturbing. Very few people had a happy past. If this book would have been fleshed out more, it would have been much better. What I mean to say is that if the horrifying scenes, the twists or the suspense in the book would have been elaborated a little more, then I would have loved it. Not that I say its bad.

But then again, the book is one quick read, different and is a fiction. I read the entire book in just 3 hours. Well there are some twists and turns in the book which are pretty abrupt, but then the overall book is good.

Oh, did I tell you that there is also a sequel to this book called ‘Vigilante witch Hunter’. I am definitely going to read it If I get it.


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