Saturday, August 8, 2009

Review : Fiscal Fiscal Pear & Shimmer in The Call of River Whale by - Olivia Brooks-Scrivanich

Title : Fiscal Fiscal Pear & Shimmer in The Call of River Whale
Author: Olivia Brooks-Scrivanich
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

About the book:

Fiscal Pear and Shimmer embark on their annual adventure only to find themselves running for their lives! A diabolical bakery and her villainous henchmen have hatched an evil plan to catch the walking talking pear in a last ditch effort to save the bakery from ruin. SOL realizes the power needed to help the little pear and lightning bug lies with the Council of the Wise. In a flash, SOL flies through the air with them on his back in an attempt to get them safely to the Council. When SOL disappears in mid-flight, Fiscal Pear and Shimmer plummet into the dark vastness beneath them and unexpectedly come face to face with the worst of the bakery's agents…Cutter! Cornered in the dead of night, how will they ever escape Cutter and his gang in the thick forest?

My Review

I found this book very sweet...

This is a book basically about Fiscal pear, his friends and their adventure. I simply loved the book cover and the drawings in it. I know this book is basically for children, but hey, it kept me hooked.

This book starts with the compassionate owl listening to a sad story of the pear. Now that’s cute. There is this town where there is a bakery of Blueberries, bakery of Apples, bakery of Cherries, bakery of Peaches, and the bakery of pears.

In the beginning, it was just a bakery of Pears. Everyone in the town used to come to visit and buy the goods she baked. But the location where this bakery was placed was very cold and shadowy. And soon, many other families decide to open their own bakeries and bake and sell their own goods. The location they choose is very bright and warm right at the foot of a hill. And so all the villagers start going to these bakeries where they can sit and relax outside it.

This makes the owner of the bakery of pears mad. She feels betrayed. Her madness overtakes her and she sets to find a way to show the villagers and keep her bakery going. She finds about the walking, talking pear. A pear that has hands and legs. Now that’s interesting :) She decides to hang him in her bakery to attract all villagers.

And so begins the adventure when Fiscal pear comes to know about it by his friends. Oh let me tell you, his are friends are SOS, Shimmer (a lighting bug) and many other sweet, cute and interesting characters. And the villains are The Cutter, The bag of Flour, and the Butt Rott Root and many others.

This book is full of adventures. All the characters are really very well described and explained in a short and concise manner. This book teaches a lot to us. It tells about bravery, friendship, sacrifice and yes the love these little friends have for each other.I would definitely recommend this book to little ones. They would love to read it.


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