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Review : Defenders of the scroll by Shiraz

Title : Defenders of the scroll
Author: Shiraz

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

About the book:

A teenage boy.A dark wizard.A mystic scroll.
And the fate of a world hangs in the balance. . . When Alex “the Axeman” Logan is pulled from his world to help young princess Dara save her kingdom from the Shadow Lord, he thinks there has been a mistake. He’s a teen guitar player close to failing 11th grade, not some defender of the realm. All he has are some school books, his wits, and his love of fantasy movies. Overnight his life is history. Alex must confront the Shadow Lord and his minions when he is thrust into a land that has changed from a magical paradise to a barren, hopeless, helpless realm invaded by a dark army. But Alex is not alone. He has the help of Dara, a magic scroll, and a band of unlikely companions drawn from his own history books: a hardened Roman Legionnaire, a swift Japanese Samurai, a mighty African Warrior, a fiery Amazon Archer, and a spirited Shaolin Monk. Can Alex become more than he believes and lead his small band of Defenders to the Hall of Shadows, the birthplace of the Shadow Lord? The fate of the realm and everyone in it rests on him.

My Review:

When the powerful wizard and King of Mythos-Mornak gets imprisoned by the evil forces, his little 9 year old daughter 'Dara' is left alone to save herself and find a way to get his father out from the prison. All she is left with is a magical scroll given to her by her father.By her own power she accidentally summons a 15 year old boy Alex: a guitar -playing high school student to help and protect her.What comes next is Alex's journey to save Dara with the help of a magical scroll, his own history books and summoning a few others from another world and time : a hardened Roman Legionnaire, a swift Japanese Samurai, a mighty African Warrior, a fiery Amazon Archer, and a spirited Shaolin Monk.

Ahhh, what a unique and an awesome non-stop action packed fantasy book filled with adventures ! I loved it ! When I had picked up this book and checked its size, I really had no idea that I would finish it so early! But, the action started from the first page itself zapping me in the world of 'history, legend and lore' .There is danger lurking at every corner and every step! Even in difficult and dangerous times, there was hope, humor and a positive attitude shown by every character which I appreciated.This book didn't give me time to even think and mourn about the past events and I just couldn't stop reading it! Also, I have never read a book which is filled with so many characters in it.Major thing, all the characters are lovable,unique and are given equal importance! The description of the characters matches exactly to the way its printed on the book cover.I remember myself always turning to the book cover whenever any new character came and was described :)

OK, the hard work.I hate writing negatives about the book but, it has to be told !I loved this book, but, its not a standalone.It has abrupt ending and left me hanging somewhere in the middle! If I had the next book in the series, I would have jumped on it and started reading! I hope the next one releases soon and I get the chance to read it :)

P.S. Check and also the tailors here:

Oh, did I tell you that this book has a few pictures in it and the pages of this book are in the form of a scroll(I meant a scroll  picture printed on the page and then the words printed on it)?! I just hope that someday this book will be turned into a movie ! I'm sure it will be awesome!


Blogger Amelia said...

That's cool! I really like the art :D

February 14, 2010 at 10:21 AM  
Blogger Ryan G said...

I'm glad you like the book, I read this late last year and really enjoyed it. I can't wait for the next one to come out.

February 14, 2010 at 9:04 PM  
Blogger IceJewel said...

@Amelia: Yup, the art work is good :)

@Ryan: Oh..thats great ! I hope it releases soon and we get to read it !

February 16, 2010 at 2:10 AM  

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