Sunday, March 14, 2010

Random Update: NO BLOGGING for a few more weeks :(

Hey all, I won't be able to blog for a few weeks more...!!! You must not have seen me much these days in blogosphere in the past weeks. reason ?? oh yes !
1. After a long wait I got into a MNC a few days before. All these sites are blocked there. The company in which I was working before was very small.So, access to all these sites were not prohibited.I used to blog in the breaks or whenever I used to get time. And of course Sundays were there !
2. In the current company, I am getting training which completely drains me off.
3. Its even far form my place, so I have to take company transport.And, now, I reach home around 10 p.m !
4. I just can't stand staring at my computer screen after I come home as thats what I do the entire day coming to Sundays.Since my Training is going on, we have weekly assessments.As in Tests !! These tests are very important here.If I clear them, I will stay, else will be kicked out :( 
6. So, on Sundays(No Saturdays off ), I sleep till 1 pm and then, I study as we have tests on Monday !!And, if I Log in here, its really difficult to come back to studying :(
7. I try to read a few pages everyday.But the moment I start reading, my eyes become heavy.
8. Another thing, I received one lovely blog award from Dazzling Mage of pumpkinreads and a Bliss (Happy 101) Award from LCzinha of endlessready a few days before. They are so kind and generous to think of me :) I thank you so much.I totally appreciate it.I would write a special post about it as soon as my Training gets over.

So, my dear friends, I won't be able to read, won't be able to reply back to you, nor would I able to read your wonderful reviews just for a few more weeks.Please bear me until then.

Thank you all for your support :)