Saturday, June 5, 2010

Review : Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy, #1) by Richelle Mead

Hey all, I am back, I guess, after 3 months ! Thanks all for still being with me :)
Gosh..I have lost track of all the latest releases around..!! Again, so many books to read and so little time !
Anyway, I recently finished reading Vampire Academy #1 about which I would love to share a few thoughts without any spoilers.

Title :Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy, #1)
Author: Richelle Mead

Rating: 3.25 out of 5 stars
About the book:

She must be protected at all times from the fiercest and most dangerous vampires of all-the ones who will never die.
Rose Hathaway is Lissa's best friends and her bodyguard.

Now, after two years of illicit freedom, they've been dragged back inside the iron gates of St. Vladimir's Academy.The girls must survive a world of forbidden romances, a ruthless social scene and a terrifying night-time rituals.
But, above all, they must never let their guard down, lest the immortal vampires take Lissa - forever...

My Review:

This is the first book in the series..and I have to say that I am not very impressed with it.I liked it, but I couldn't get totally into it.The book somehow failed to create an ambience for me.No thoughts about the book lingered after I finshed it.But, it wasn't that bad either.I actually enjoyed it.

Ok..a little about the vampires in the fantasy world created by the author-Richelle Mead....

Vampire Academy has three types of vampires, Moroi, Dhampirs and Strigoi.So, a lot of scope to write aye ?Anyway, let me give a short description about these kinds.

Moroi are living vampires who feed on blood and have elemental magic in them. 

Strigoi are undead, or say immortal vampires who also feed on blood and don't have any kind of elemental magic in them.They are formed as a result of killing any human or vampire or if anyhuman/Moroi/Dhapir is bitten by one. They are blood thirsty and yes, I can say they are the ones which match up the description of vampires in our so favorite Dracula ! 

Now, coming to the Dhampirs..they are Guardians.They are half vampires and half human.They dont need blood to survive on. Most of the Dhampirs turn out to be guardians, else, they hide in the human world or become blood whores.The Dhampires or I should rather say Guardians are been sworn to protect the Morois ! And so, here enters our Rose.

Rose is Lissa's(Moroi and a Dragomir Princess) bestfriend and her bodyguard.Or I should say her unofficial Guardian.I just loved her. She is strong, tough, short-tempered, reckless, a rule breaker, aggressive but, also a total kick-ass with an amazing sense of humor..! Rose and Lissa share and unimaginable bond which I simply found very intriguing and superb.
Lissa has great powers of which she is not much aware of.How these powers affect her and Rose is very interesting and forms the rest of the story.Anyway, after Lissa and Rose spend 2 years in human world they have been dragged back inside the iron gates of St. Vladimir's Academy. Why ? Well, read it..!

OK.This book I felt simply gives you a sneak peak into whats gonna happen in the next books in the series.So, there's a lot of explanation given regarding what kind of life Lissa and Rose now live and how it was before they ran away from the academy. The author has explained a lot about Lissa's and Rose's Characters.Also, a lot of explanation is been given about the different vampires and the how the school works.There is definitely a lot of high school drama shown with nasty rumors and mean girls and guys who are always trying to harrass Lissa. But, Rose being her guardian always protects her from any kind of harm. 

So, I can say that Vampire Academy definitely made me buy the second in the series as I liked the plot very much.Lets see how the next one- 'FrostBite' turns out to be.